Wooden Beams & Fireplaces

APM Blasting Services are experts in the cleaning/removal of paint and varnish from oak beans & Pine Beams. APM Blasting also blast clean stone & cast iron fireplaces.

Using our specialised vehicles we use various grit blasting techniques to restore your beams and fireplaces to their original splendour. Our sandblasting skills will dramatically improve the look of your house by restoring the original finish to your fireplaces and wooden beams.

Get your wooden beams cleaned by the experts

APM Blasting Expert Oak Beam Cleaning.

Get your Wooden Beams Blast Cleaned by Experts

APM Blasting have a vast range of experience in this type of restoration projects. We will also undertake smaller jobs on  Wooden beams within a 25 mile radius of our company base in North Derbyshire.

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