Stone & Brickwork

APM Blasting Services are fully experienced in sandblasting stone and brickwork. We use our specialised blast cleaning vehicles and the most efficient equipment available together with various sandblasting mediums and our own specially developed techniques. It doesn’t matter whether your house is soot blackened, covered in mosses and lichens, or whether the stone or brick has been painted. APM Blasting can restore your building beautifully.

Sandblasting Stone

Does your house need sandblasting?

We Scaffolded the houses and covered adjoining properties to minimise dust.

Sandblasting Brickwork

We are experts at sandblasting brickwork, and have completed wide range of work at numerous sites across Derbyshire, Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and across the Midlands.  The image below illustrates how blast cleaning can remove layers of masonry paint to reveal the original brickwork.

Sandblasted brickwork

Blast Cleaning Cleans Masonry paint off brickwork.

Jobs we are asked to do vary from cleaning soot and grime from historical buildings, old mills, industrial buildings to cleaning houses and barns. Using our own developed techniques APM Blasting restore brick and stone to their former glory.

Sandblasted Brickwork and Stone Lintels

Sandblasted Lintels and brick

Blast cleaned Lintels and brick