Sandblasting Stone Houses

Houses Sandblasted

Here at APM Blasting we are experts at Sandblasting Stone Houses. Whether your house is made from Brick or Stone we have the tools and the expertise to restore it’s looks to their former glories.

This house in Hathersage, Hope Valley, Derbyshire, was built with reclaimed stone from a old building in Sheffield. The stone in the house was very dark from years of soot/grime,that had built up from the years in a large Industrial City.

Houses Blast Cleaned

Before Sandblasting

Sandblasting Stone, it’s what we do.

As well as sandblasting (blast cleaning) all the stone in the main building, We also blast cleaned the coping stones on roof bay windows and all flag stones. We  blast cleaned the annex too, (not shown in the photos). The Job took a couple of days to complete.

Here are couple of photos of the house before the blast cleaning van moved in, and then an ‘after shot’ to show the contrast.


After Sandblasting

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