We Sandblast Wooden Beams

In fact we “Blast clean” Wooden beams, but everyone knows it as sandblasting.

APM Blasting expert Bean Cleaners

APM Blasting blast clean Oak beams and Pine beams. Right now, getting those wooden beans in your house or barn conversion is an absolute must.  In decades gone by,  there was a tendency to paint over beams or even wallpaper over them.  Today though, the trend is to take the beams back to their original state.

Blasting Oak Beams Really Brings Out The Grain

APM Blasting use a very light media when blasting beams, it’s a softer abrasive than when we sandblast stone or brickwork.

If you have some wooden beams that need blasting, we will seal the room off to minimize dust. We run our sandblasting pipes through the windows or main doorway for easy access.

Mobile Blast Cleaning

The beauty of blast cleaning wooden beams is that it can be done with a relatively small set up. We don’t bring our big lorries, we can run the compressors from our mobile blast cleaning van.

Most jobs blasting wooden beams won’t take any more than a day to complete, we can remove paint, varnish, lacquer and even wallpaper.

Wooden Beams Aftercare

After you have had your Wooden beams blasted by APM we recommend that you spray on woodworm sealer and then varnish or wax our beams.

Want to Know More?

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