Heavy Machinery Resprayed

APM Blasting are often called out to renovate heavy plant and commercial vehicles and machinery.

We have a Mobile blast cleaning unit, so it’s easy for us to come to your place of business to sandblast and respray your machines.

Heavy Plant Resprayed

APM blasting respray heavy plant

White Excavator

A good example of a heavy machine that we were called to sandblast, and respray is this 30 tonne, 360 excavator. the Machine belonged to Forgemasters in Sheffield.  It had been used for digging out the slag in the furness.  After many years service it was finally time to give it a facelift.

APM can sandblast heavy machinery.

Rear view of the excavator.

We brought in our 7 1/2 tonne blast cleaning lorry to this job because the excavator was covered in  crusted on slag from the furnaces. First of all, we masked off all the delicate parts such as glass window panels before we began the blasting. After blast cleaning the excavator, we primed and then top coated the machine.  APM Blasting always use special anti corrosive paint and finish off with a special “Plant” enamel for the top coats.

You can see that the excavator is much improved after the blast cleaning and respray.

Heavy Excavator resprayed.

Excavator after blast cleaning and respraying.

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