Blast Cleaned Earth Mover Looks Brand New

APM Blasting get asked to look at all kinds of jobs. A lot of what we do is blast cleaning and painting plant machinery.

Blast Cleaning for Plant

We blast cleaned and painted this Earth Mover

Blast Cleaned Earth Mover

This beautiful little Earth Mover is called a Drot and it was used at a scrap yard just outside Ilkeston in Derbyshire.  The Drot had been used to load up scrap.  The owner had bought more modern machinery to make the job more efficient, and so the Drott had fallen into disuse and neglect.

How we Blast cleaned the Drot Excavator

The Drot excavator required quite a lot of work to bring it back to life. Firstly, the machine needed a new battery and some mechanical work just to get it activated again.

Once we got it mobile and driving around we took the Drot excavator into a shed, There we raised the arms and began to sandblast it.  After that we then painted it with primer.  After the primer had dried we then sprayed it with 2 top coats of new paint.  As you can see the excavator looks brand new.