Crane Blasted & Painted in Rotherham

APM Blasting completed an interesting job in Rotherham recently.  We were called out to look at blast cleaning a crane.
The big white crane is considered “heavy Plant” and was blasted, primed and painted  at the Tata steel works.  The crane will be used to lift a drop ball to break up steel slag from the melting pots.  The crane is quite large and weighs 100 tons and had to be blasted/painted on site due to it’s size.

Large Steel Works Crane

We Were called out to Sandblast, prime and paint this Crane

The Crane, was in a bit of a state really, it had certainly seen better days in terms of it’s body work.  Like most heavy plant machinery, a real transformation can be achieved after blast cleaning.

Mobile Blast Cleaning

We used our Mobile blasting lorry to get the equipment on site, as the crane was far to large to be transported easily to us. APM pride ourselves on being able to work at our customers home or place or work. This saved the client time and money, not to mention all the logistics of transporting their project to be sandblasted and painted.

Sandblasted, primed and painted.

What an improvement blast cleaning made to the crane.

As you can see from the above photo. the crane underwent quite a transformation. Now it looks like a new machine instead of an old unloved eyesore.

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