Blast Cleaning Vehicles


Blast Cleaning Vehicles

APM Blasting have a dedicated fleet of Blast cleaning Vehicles. No matter whatever type of jobs need doing APM Blasting have a vehicle that can do the job. We have  large vehicles, with a heavy compressors as well as a smaller van for mobile blast cleaning which is perfect for cleaning beams and smaller jobs.

We Also Sandblast Vehicles


Blast Cleaning Vehicles for Plant

As well as being fully equipped with sand blasting vehicles we can also sandblast cars trucks and any vehicles.  We mostly concentrate on Plant and heavy vehicles, but why not give us a call to see if we can help you.  We can blast clean vehicles and then prime and paint them to restore their former glories.


We Blast Clean Vehicles like this little DROT Earth mover. The vehicle had been sat in a Garage neglected before it’s owner decided to revive it. We blast cleaned it and then primed and painted it. We think it looks fantastic again.Thank goodness it didn’t end up looking like these old earthmovers