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APM Sandblasting Derbyshire

APM Blasting Services Ltd, are a well-established experienced Company based in Matlock, North Derbyshire. We operate within Derbyshire, East Midlands and South Yorkshire areas.

We provide a specialised blast cleaning service, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Our primary work consists of cleaning heavy plant, of any size, commercial vehicles, machinery, stone or brick work, including the cleaning of commercial buildings, private dwellings, and barns, any type of metalwork and wood, beams etc.

Mobile Blast Cleaning

We operate a mobile fleet of specialised vehicles all of which are self contained with the necessary equipment, special abrasives, coupled to powerful modern air compressors which produce a quick high specification finish providing a high quality and reliable service.

APM Mobile sandblasting vehicles

APM Mobile sandblasting vehicles

The blast cleaning process involves special types of medium being blasted at exceptionally high speed onto any surface, this removes all dirt, rust, metal corrosion, paint and any other substances leaving a clean etched surface.

Paint or protective coatings can then be applied and all our vehicles carry spraying equipment for such work as necessary.

All our work confirms to Health & Safety Standards, COSHH and local environmental standards.

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